Vortex, in partnership with radix, will code the software on the blockchain for each of the three major releases: Vballot, Vminer, and Vmachine, which will be designed and manufactured by radix.
Secure voting cannot be trusted to parties outside the corporate control; thus, the Vortex strategy demanded inhouse manufacturing. Vortex follows the Apple business model in the creation of, and the funding for, radix. In turn, radix designs the hardware and software together and can control the access to, purposes of, and security of the entire election facilitating apparatus.
Putting a software only system on the hardware belonging to an unrelated party means security issues would be compromised and dependent on that other party and their architecture or controls. Vortex determined that this risk was too great to proceed in such a direction.
Designing the other products in house then became a resultant bonus of making this first security priority decision.


For several decades, Apple was a niche-player, and the costs of doing both software and hardware never allowed them to penetrate market share greater than a few percent. Until the hardware became small enough for a person to carry with them. Seemingly overnight, Apple went from being niche-company to a multi-trillion-dollar giant – the most valued company in the world.
In the blockchain space, Vortex is poised to follow this pattern of success. We choose to manufacture and develop in-house both sides of the blockchain equation. We do this for four reasons.
(1) Security – The new century and the blockchain is all about security. Having software that runs on another company’s hardware is insecure. This is why the computer users hear the phrase, “Get a Mac. They don’t have viruses.”
(2) Innovation – Apple succeeded because they could innovate with the new technology changes. Software-only developers were bound to whatever decisions were made by other manufacturers.
(3) Market Dominance – Now is the time for blockchain technology to emerge as the dominant feature in the marketplace. Vortex is positioned to capitalize on every facet of this emerging market.
(4) Diversity of Risk – By creating our partner company, radix, Vortex can have the best of both worlds: an independent corporate and financial structure alongside direct control over the integration of hardware and software systems.


The personal computer was a revolutionary change from highly complex mainframes in large buildings to ever more powerful and ever smaller desktop, laptop, and finally handheld devices.
When this revolution first began, there were two competing world views: (1) build the devices and let someone else develop and sell any software to run on them, or (2) make hardware and software designed from the beginning to work together as one seamless product.
IBM chose the first path. This gave rise to Microsoft which chose to develop software only for IBM compatible machines. Most every company thereafter followed IBM and made machines nearly identical to theirs. This left Microsoft alone to make compatible software.
Within one generation, it was the software company Microsoft that outgrew and outperformed all other manufacturers combined – with one exception – a smaller company that chose to make both hardware and software: Apple.